Welcome to the blog that weaves through the rhythm of technology in many aspects of life, as Jazz weaves a tune with an effortless tone. My name is Jacques Lafont, and I’ll be your writer today. I’m a man in my thirties who still marvels at the world of technology. The way it has changed during my lifetime alone is staggering. I remember when everything that would be on one phone was a myriad of devices, or when if you wanted to watch a movie at home you’d get the VCR hooked up. Being able to talk to people across the world so quickly, see anything you wish with the click of a mouse, and do so much from a computer in your hand is astonishing.

This blog was originally going to be something different. I grew up listening to Jazz music, loving the sounds that came from it. At age 14 I was given a ukulele, an instrument I still love and play regularly. This blog was going to be more personal, an exploration of me blending these two loves and hobbies, but I kept delaying it over and over, until my mind had drifted to different topics altogether.

I don’t regret the choice. But, I owned the old name still, so I figured I’d make use of it.

So, what’s the goal here? To write about many different aspects of technology and share that with you all. From the mundane day to day things to the big changes that made sweeping impacts. I hope you enjoy reading about them, and that you have a good time.