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Over the years I have been hired as an interior designer for numerous homes. This has allowed me to learn several tricks of the trade. Not just inside, either. Looking at the overall theme of a house and recommending a garden furniture makeover to my clients is a passion of mine too. The truth is practically anyone can design their own home if they are aware of the basics, even if they plan to go elaborate with something like a home cinema room. Moreover, when it comes to installing a Home Cinema Room Dubai homeowners are definitely leading the way! Anyway, with my advice I hope that readers can make their living spaces look as good as they can be. This will save them having to hire out the work to expensive professionals.

Know How Many People Are Living There

This is always the first thing I need to understand before beginning the project. It will help to determine a wide range of choices. This includes how much furniture to purchase and the amount of space that needs to remain open. It is also useful to ask each member of the home about their own personal tastes. I can then create a design plan that caters to all of them. For example, if one person likes muted colors and another enjoys chevron patterns I can find a wallpaper that combines the two together.

Functionality and Style Should Merge

Whilst it is easy to fall into the trap of focusing solely on the look of a room it should be remembered that functionality is equally important. The people who live in the house will still need to perform regular everyday tasks. The stylistic elements of the home should not get in the way of this. I have noticed that the hardest thing about being an interior designer is figuring out how to merge these two things together. It will depend on each individual project. For example, if you need a night light for your kids who are scared of the dark, don’t just opt for a tacky motion-sensor bulb that plugs into the wall. Consider all of the possible style ideas that can help to light the hallway at night whilst also looking good.

Learning Color Theory Is Very Useful

The one thing that will affect the tone of a room more than anything else is the color scheme. There is a near infinite number of possibilities to choose from. When I learned all about color theory it significantly improved my skills as an interior designer. It is a wise idea to read up on the standard color wheel. This will help people understand which hues complement each other most effectively. I always make sure the brightness and temperature of the lighting also works well with the scheme I have chosen.

Furniture Spacing Is A Massive Factor

When I start my projects the room space tends to be empty. It is up to me to figure out what furniture needs to fill it. During this process it is vital that I know the dimensions of the room. The size and shape of the furniture can significantly alter the ambience. So too can the position in which the furniture is placed. I personally like to put sofas and chairs in corners to emphasize the amount of open space. However, for a more homely vibe it is sometimes better to place them in the centre. This is especially true for living rooms.

Consistency Is the Key

The one thing I do not want to do is design a room that ends up looking like a hodgepodge. I always choose a specific theme and stick with it in order to create a sense of consistency, much like many experts also do. Color is particularly important in this regard. If I have chosen a white theme but have a single element that is black it can ruin the entire look. Consistency is also key when it comes to the style of furniture being used. Each piece needs to conform to a specific aesthetic. Some designers even believe that the entire building should stick to the theme. However, I prefer to treat each individual room as its own space. This allows me to give each section of the home its own unique personality.

Never Be Afraid to Think Outside the Box

Most people do not want a house that is too similar to others. Instead, they are looking for a design that conveys their own tastes. Some of my best projects have been the result of me thinking outside the box. It is always a good idea to get creative and try something no one has even thought of before. I keep a notepad on me at all times so that I can scribble down any unusual design ideas that come to me. I often end up utilizing them during future projects.

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