Are You Trusting Enough to Get a Self Driving Car

Self-driving cars are going to transform the way we travel, and not just because we’ll have more time to catch up on our reading. They also have the power to reshape cities and our relationships with them. The implications will be profound: Self-driving cars are likely to become the primary mode of transportation for many people, reducing the need for urban parking garages and car ownership altogether. They’ll help us get around more efficiently, packing more people into smaller spaces and freeing up our time. Most importantly, they’ll save thousands of lives.

So, you can drive yourself around town if you want, but is it worth it when self-driving cars are just around the corner? Maybe not-at least not if you live in the US. That’s because self-driving cars may never get the green light in America. Even though studies have shown that autonomous vehicles are safer than those driven by humans and that self-driving cars could save many lives, American lawmakers have been slow to say “yes” to the new technology.

Technology Companies’ Effort to Developing Self Driving Cars

As Google, Apple, and Uber race to bring a self-driving car to market, one of the most hotly debated questions isn’t about the technology but about trust – a word that’s been on the minds of drivers since the first cars hit the road. Though the cars may someday be capable of driving on their own, people will be trusting them to do so. As self-driving technology grows, so does the trust that the cars will be able to handle complicated situations and respond to unexpected events.

We can see evidence of what technology-equipped cars are capable of doing in many vehicle systems today; emergency braking, blind spot detection, maneuvering options, and many more features can be incorporated with adas (advanced driver assistance systems). Typically, these systems should be able to provide the necessary assistance to drivers and help them get to their destination safely. Of course, as new capabilities are researched and launched, they could pave the way for fully autonomous vehicles.

Companies like Google have spent years developing self-driving cars that could make driving safer and reduce congestion. However, most people still have concerns about riding in a self-driving car. A recent poll found that while 87% of respondents said they would ride in a self-driving car if given the opportunity, 57% said they would never buy a self-driving car, and only 26% said they would trust a self-driving car enough to ride in it without a human driver behind the wheel. Many people are still skeptical about the technology, however, companies that are developing self-driving technology are always putting safety first to ensure road users won’t be impacted by these self-driving vehicles. Currently, Torc Robotics, for example, are looking to help industries incorporate this technology into their vehicles.

Ironically, Urmson believes that one of the biggest risks with self-driving cars is human drivers. The Google engineer claimed that while autonomous cars are getting better, many of the mistakes they make are caused by human drivers hitting the gas pedal instead of the brakes or other similar mistakes.

Are You Ready to Embrace the Great Innovation?

Do you trust the car that you are riding in enough not to have to pay attention to it while it is driving itself? If you do, then add yourself to the list of people that are trusting enough to ride in a self-driving car. The trust that you will have in the self-driving car will also have to be there when you are driving your car. You will have to trust that your self-driving car will be driving itself safely and properly while you are driving it so that you can concentrate on other things. If you can do that, then you will have the trust that you need for a self-driving car.

As automated vehicles become more common on the road, many people are starting to wonder: Do I trust myself enough to get a self-driving car? For some, the answer is a definite yes. After all, cars equipped with automated driving features are already being successfully tested on the road. And a recent study showed that most people feel comfortable riding as a passenger in these vehicles, even though the driverless cars are still in the testing phase. But for others, these cars are nothing more than a death trap waiting to happen. Do you feel comfortable with the idea of a self-driving car? Or do you trust yourself enough to get a self-driving car?

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