4 Cameras for Different Situations

If you are using your mobile phone for photography, then you only have one camera to choose from but buy a separate camera and then there are different ones designed for different tasks. Especially if you are interested in photography and in the process of reading blog posts from sites like Funk Trunk Chicago to learn things like how to use a camera, it is important to know which are the best cameras for you to invest in. This article will explore cameras other than the standard SLR and DSLRs and consider the different uses these cameras have.

Action (Adventure) Camera

The purpose of an action camera is its portability. It is much more compact and transportable than standard DSLRs or point and shoot cameras. The advantage of them is that they can be mounted in any position and then be used to capture high quality still photos or video images. This can be from a dashboard or even underwater. If you are planning to perform an underwater activity like diving or snorkeling, you can find the best camera that could help you capture all your actions (if interested, read shutterreleaseworld blogs). Most of the cameras of this type are usually designed to record 4k videos of high quality. They are easy to use and perfect for the adventurous photographer to capture equally adventurous shots. The GoPro Hero 8 Black is considered one of the best cameras of this type on the market currently. Apart from the different models of the GoPros, there is also the Insta360 to consider.

360 Cameras

A 360 camera is omnidirectional. It has a field of view of 360 degrees, living up to its name. So, basically, it can capture everything around that sphere. They are perfect for shooting panoramas and a step ahead of the wide-angle lens. In the early days, these cameras were viewed as something of a gimmick, but they have since matured into something that is no longer a toy but a way of capturing high quality photographs from all angles. Cameras of this type worth a second look include GoPro Max, Kandao QooCam 8K 360, and the Insta360 ONE R Twin Edition.

Web Cameras

The web camera has made live streaming possible. It is common nowadays for many businesses and institutions to rely on the services of reputed brands (like Agora.io, for example) to implement and make live streaming as seamless, effective, and convenient as possible. And, web cams play an important role in this process. They can be built into a computer or bought separately. If your phone runs Android, then it is possible to turn your phone into a webcam through the purchase of apps such as DroidCam. In this case, to get started with this you would need a couple of pieces of software. The DroidCam from the Play Store and Windows client from Dev47Apps. Having installed these, you only then need to ensure that both your computer and your phone are on the same Wi-Fi network.

So, with a webcam installed, apart from being able to see your relatives abroad, which Skype made possible in the early days, you can now stream in a portable way images of yourself attempting to amuse and entertain others through either comedy or music. Webcams have revolutionized photography and brought images into real time. Prior to this, only live television had performed this function.

Disposable Cameras

Disposable or single-use cameras will have a shutter and lens just like a standard camera, but this is throw-away and discarded when its film is processed. The quality of the photographs cannot compare with the expensive cameras, but if you want a camera just to capture of few fun moments of a holiday, they are less of security risk to carry around in your bag. Should you have the camera stolen, you will only have lost the photographs and not an expensive piece of equipment.

So, apart from the standard cameras on the market that take pictures and videos, there are also cameras for specific purposes. Ones that are more amenable to being taken on an adventure and capturing it; cameras that have an owl-like view of everything that they shoot; cameras that make us live; and throw-away cameras that take the worry out of losing our expensive equipment. Apart from the disposable cameras, technology has seen that the rest can take as good an image as the more traditional cameras.

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