List of The Best Home Automation Systems

Thinking about it many times before deciding to do something leads to a better ending. It leaves no room for regrets. Impulsive decisions lead to confusion and result in another set of problems.

Practicing wise decision-making in every situation we encountered presents plenty of advantages. It saves us from headaches and assures us that the decision we made will bring excellent results.

Deciding to automate our home requires wise decision making too. Weighing and understanding these factors will be our basis in making our final decision.

What Are the Factors to Consider in Choosing the Best One for My Home?

  • Cost. Calculate how much it will cost to get one. We should fit it with the budget we have. We should prepare extra money if possible.
  • Set-up. Our preferred set-up is also essential. Consider choosing the best set-up that is simple to install. It will conserve time and effort when it comes to installation.
  • Lifestyle. Every individual varies from one another. The automation system used by others might not work for us. We should choose the one that matches our own needs and preference.
  • Research. See to it, we have preliminary information before we purchase one. Reading customer opinions, product reviews, and customer guides will be helpful. A tiny amount of research will do. It is just our way of finding out other people’s perspectives about the product.

What Is the Perfect Home Automation System for me?

Consider having a home automation system? Our initial thoughts are essential too—thoughts such as how it will affect our lifestyle. And we should think about every aspect of our home life as a crucial thing to ponder.

As we weigh these thoughts deeply, we will finally automate our home. But there are plenty of home automation systems available. Which of them is the best and most suitable for my family?

Gaining the best home automation system gives access to a simple yet secure method of controlling all our household devices. Provided below are some of the best home automation systems. We’ll tackle each one of them in turn to have an idea as to what will be perfect for the home that we want.

  1. Amazon Echo. It is powered by Amazon and one of the governing home automation hubs. It functions through voice configurations. It can be linked to a cloud-based service to deliver specific tasks like music playing, dialing calls, start warnings, and others.

It is easy to install and only uses voice commands for household devices to operate. It has multiple features and exhibits excellent compatibility and integration.

  1. Google Nest Hub. It is considered one of the most familiar picks. Like Amazon Echo, it also uses voice assistants. It has excellent features and can perform plenty of tasks like displaying detailed climate data, incidents and reports, day-to-day plans, and many more.

Google Nest Hub can also play as a primary hub for home automation. It can be linked to different household devices and supervise specific tasks like switching lights, regulating temperature, tightening security, etc.

It is easy to use and portrays excellent compatibility. But it may post privacy concerns as well.

  1. Wink Hub 2. It is famous for its versatility. It functions through a wireless connection with a router using an Ethernet cable. We can download and use it to manipulate selected household devices or even all of them.

The good thing about Wink Hub 2 is it is versatile to use. Devices are effortlessly controlled using an application that can be downloaded and installed on a mobile phone. We can also customize the settings if we want. However, some of these controls are restricted.

  1. Samsung SmartThings. It offers the use of a single hub only through a mobile application. It is also a flexible system linked to other devices and controls the tasks they perform.

Just like Wink Hub 2, it is an excellent choice for its convenience of usage. Customizing settings is also possible, and it contains a battery that can serve as a backup in case of power failure. However, it has a limited user experience.

  1. Apple Homekit. This one is specially made for Apple device users. It also functions through an application. Managing devices is made possible using voice assistants and touchscreen.

It is an excellent pick for its flexible customizations and good hardware support. But it is limited to Apple products only.  The application is also undergoing usability problems.


There are many counts of home automation systems that are accessible. Listed above are just some of them. They are typically chosen because of their features like convenience, ease of usage, and excellent compatibility.

Choosing the best out of these home automation systems depends on us. We just need to remember which of them also works best for us.

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