How Mobile Phones Help To Improve Our Health

Mobile phones work for the progress of our lives. It also comes along with cases for increased health awareness. Some of us may think that mobile phones only cause headaches, mental health issues, and affect our eyes, however, that may be to do with a medical issue that could require laser eye surgery (see here). However, this page will give us details on how mobile phones become beneficial to our health.


Our doctors may have changing schedules in their clinics. With mobile phone applications that serve as a reminder for our consultation dates, it will help us be prepared and aware of our program. We can put in the application schedule, the dates to get a laboratory test. With that, we can be prepared for laboratory examinations, especially those where fasting is required.

Mobile phones are also helpful for those who are taking too many maintenance medicines. It gives us an alarm when to take medication. It allows us not to forget even a single dose and its last dosage.

There are also tracker applications downloaded in app stores, app galleries, or google play. Tracker applications help women track their menstrual cycle for a natural method of contraception. The tracker applications can also help women prepare for their period, be it gathering enough cotton sanitary pads australia, tampons, or whichever sanitary product they use. It can give women an exact number of safe days for sexual activity and unavailable days. It helps our women to check if they are safe or not. Also, it allows our women to know their red days. So, pregnancy can be reviewed by just a month delayed.

Fitness program

Mobile phones are now equipped with features where we can check the following:

  • Number of steps in a day
  • The calorie intake
  • Heart rates, to see if there are fluctuations or not.
  • The oxygen content in our body.

It can give us information on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The comparison can allow us to check the progress of our fitness program.

Fitness applications can also provide strategies on how we can increase muscle size in different body parts. This greatly helps us in this pandemic situation where we cannot go out. With the tutorials, we may not ask for a fitness trainer’s help. Instead, we can do the program even in the convenience of our home.

Communication Master

Smartphones have become inevitable in our lives for the reason that they are mobile. They are easy to access and allow a fast way to communicate. In terms of emergency, our phones are installed with emergency hotline numbers. They were installed as default numbers to call. Thus, in case of accidents, heart attacks, or other urgent needs, we can readily call for an ambulance.

We can also install the directory of nearest hospitals on our mobile phones. It can help us in finding the suitable clinic or hospital we want to be admitted to. In finding specialized doctors, we need not go to hospitals or clinics to ask for the best physician. There are also directories installed on our phones for us to check a specialized doctor we need.

As well as serving basic communication needs, smartphones allow us to connect with one another. Take physicians, for example. While battling the pandemic and dealing with everyday medical issues, they might also wish to communicate with those who are in the same boat as them. Like Sermo, there are many social platforms that facilitate communication between the medical professionals. So then, don’t smartphones play a part in bringing people closer together?

Mood stabilizer

Sometimes overwork and conflicts in the house can trigger our mental health to deteriorate. Even social media can affect our mood and cause depression. Mobile phones are now engaged to have meditation applications. It allows us to have Yoga and even prayer alarms to help us during our trying times. These applications can even work offline. Thus, it offers convenience for us users to have meditation even in locations that have no internet connection.

Sleep applications are now more engaging for our mobile users to download. The changing shifts can alter our sleeping time habits. Thus, our programmers developed sleeping aid applications. It is usually composed of graphics and breathing exercises that will increase the chance for us to sleep. Regular sleep will increase our dopamine. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter that is responsible for the happy effect on our mood. Some might say that watching screens all day makes it even harder to sleep, but even those who do feel like this can use some Felix Gray glasses to block the blue light of the screen, and this means they can use it without any of these issues arising for them! So really there is a solution for everything and most people find that using these sleep apps and mood apps helps them anyway!

Food checker

These applications or features in mobile phones fit those who want to decrease or increase weight. Before, we needed to consult our dietician to prepare our meal plan. However, through innovation with our needs, meal plans can be readily available on our smartphones. Meal plan applications can check our needed calorie intake. We can try different meal plans depending on our diet and meal course. Meal courses are suitable for all ages. Thus, food checker apps are so vital in the human world.


Smartphones provide us with convenience and comfort in today’s world. With the drastic change in our well-being, we can monitor health within just the tip of our fingers.

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